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Stop waiting for other companies to get back to you with quotes.  We offer the fastest way to get your driveway sparkling with flat rates and an online booking system!


maximum capacity 1 vehicle
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maximum capacity 2 vehicles
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maximum capacity 4 vehicles
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maximum capacity 6-8 vehicles
Book Large Cleaning

Short Street

maximum capacity 9-10 vehicles
Clean my Short Street

Mini Road

maximum capacity 12 vehicles
Scour my Mini Road

Purchase Extras to Complete the Job

We don't stop at driveways. With our extra services, we can clean all of your desired areas in one appointment.


Walkways/Pathways – $50/25ft
Sidewalks – $50/25ft
Porches & Patios:
small (10′ x 10′) – $50
medium (10′ x 20′) – $100
large (over 10′ x 20′) – $175
Steps & Stairs – $25/every 5 steps
Curbs – $25/25ft

Odd Jobs:

10′ x 20′ – $399
15′ x 30′ – $599
20′ x 40′ – $799

If your areas are larger than what we have listed, simply purchase multiple quantities to equal the size of your area (e.g. for a 75ft sidewalk, you’d purchase 3 sidewalk extras).

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