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We Provide Residential and Commercial Services

Home or office, townhome or storefront, we're here to keep your pavement and surrounding areas clear of dirt and grime.

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Residential Services

The driveway is almost always the forgotten part of your home, but it probably absorbs more damage from the elements, animals and people than any other.  Rain, tree sap, vehicles, and more all trample on your driveway day in and day out, and over time what was once a bright beige can turn into a dingy, dark grey.  Yuck!

But it doesn’t stop there.  Almost all of your exterior areas need to be periodically cleaned to bring them back to life.  Porches, sidewalks, walkways, pathways and curbs all could use a good bath, and Wash My Driveway has the right tools for the job!

Don’t be the last person on your street to get your driveway cleaned.  Book your driveway cleaning today and be the bright spot in your community!

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Commercial Services

Impressions matter.  And the impression you give your business by not keeping it clean and well-kept is that you are uncaring, disengaged, or worse yet: closed or going out of business.

Customers gravitate to fresh and new things. No one likes shopping at old shopping centers, and new business owners avoid old-looking areas like the plague. Pressure washing your exterior is an easy and effective way to bring in new business, while preserving the investment in your local community.

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Exemplary Cleaning & Investment Preservation
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